And for your punishment I'm going to make you read a book!!

I was dumfounded this morning listening to a mom tell her son who looked about 10 to hand over his phone.  Apparently he did something to his little sister who was sitting beside him.  Mom said that he shouldn’t treat people that way…whatever way that was.  Then after rifling through her purse for her phone she said, and when we get home I want your Apple phone and your tablet.  JEEZ mom, maybe you should give the boy a book or a toy to play with instead of just electronics.  Then she said, oh, and no computer for the rest of January.  Sigh…. Is it just me or do kids have too many electronics far too young these days.  I was such a hard ass mom because my kids didn’t get phones until they were 18.  I don’t think they are too damaged from the lack of phone.
I have been missing the 99 Bank lady for a while now.  They are doing construction in that building (I think they are putting the transitway tunnel under the building) so a lot of the seating has been blocked off.  I haven’t seen 99 Bank lady in about a month now.  I hope that she finally retired and is now enjoying her books and her meals in the comfort of her home.
Remember the woman at the gym who sings while on the elliptical machine in the women’s change room?  I love her.  I listened to her the other day while I was doing my stretches and because I couldn’t see her you could have imagined she was at a strip club watching a fabulous show.  She would belt out a few words of whatever song she had playing and then you’d hear “yow”…”whew”….”ya”….   So funny.

Earlier this week when it was minus a million with the wind chill I watched a woman on the bus who was all bundled up for the cold.  She had her scarf wrapped around her neck and face and every time she wanted to sip her coffee she did this bob and weave thing with her head to get her lips over the top of the scarf and onto the coffee.  Pretty amusing.  It felt a little like watching a zoo animal.  I love how people don’t care what they look like when it is minus a million outside and you are waiting for a bus.  The scarves, toques and various assorted head ware is quite a treat to see.  I recall back in the day….oh so long ago when I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing winter boots. I wore running shoes for an entire winter and am pretty sure that my toes froze but hey, I was cool….literally and figuratively.
My words of the week are:


1.  without due regard for the rights or feelings of others.

2.  acting without consideration; thoughtless; heedless.

3.  overhasty; rash; ill-considered.


1.  discourteous or impolite, especially in a deliberate way:

2.  without culture, learning, or refinement:  rude, illiterate peasants.

3.  rough in manners or behavior; unmannerly; uncouth.

4.  not properly or fully developed; raw; unevolved.

And why are these the words of the week you ask?  You did, I know you did.  Two reasons.  First, on Monday I was waiting at Fallowfield for the bus and it was cold.  It is a huge wind tunnel there and at minus a million it was pretty bad.  A bus comes and everyone jostles to get on.  Two people in front of me got on and the bus driver said they had to get off because it was too full.  Ok, so off they go.  That makes three of us for the next bus, right?  Hmmm.  Well about 8 minutes (yes 8 extremely long, extremely cold minutes) later another bus comes along and we are all set to get on.  The two in front of me get on and I go to get on and out of the corner of my eye I see a shape and there is a woman who came from the parking lot (which means right out of her warm car) and is trying to get on the bus in front of me.  For those of you who don’t really know me I have to say that I am not always a patient person.  Ha, understatement I know.  Well, I was having none of that so up and out goes my elbow to block her way and I got on the bus.  I don’t know if she got on in front of the next person or not but you know, that is just rude to do to people who have been waiting in the cold.  I know you bus riders all agree with me.

Second reason:  at the gym when you walk into the change room they have kindly put a carpet down to put our wet boots on.  They have even supplied a chair so we can sit and put our boots on or take them off.  This is right beside the coat closet.  Are you picturing it?  Pretty sweet set up.  After that you walk on the laminate flooring through the little workout area to the lockers.  I cannot tell you how many women refuse to take their boots off and leave a trail of much and rocks for us to walk through to get to the lockers.   I think this counts as both inconsiderate and rude.
I have a lovely new picture up in my office.  Thank Arun.  I'm thinking of framing pictures of my shoes and puting them on the wall too.  Overkill perhaps?  Never!

Jonathan and I went to the T&T Supermarket earlier this week.  It is such a fun field trip.  Who knew that there are about 700 different kinds of soya sauce?  You could spend a week trying to figure out which one to try.  We checked out the bags of chicken feet and I still wonder what the heck you do with them although a part of me really doesn’t want to know.  There were slices of duck faces.  Would you use them for presentation?  I got this package mix and have no idea what to do with it because there is no English on it except for the words “Liquor Boiled Chicken/Shrimp”.  Not sure if there is liquor in there or if I need to add liquor or just drink it while cooking chicken or shrimp.  It will be an interesting experiment.  Good thing I have a family of guinea pigs willing to try new things.
We also got these cute little bakery items.  The cakes there were pretty amazing looking.  If you haven’t been there, make time because it is a pretty fascinating experience.

I can't wait to get out at lunch for an outside run today.  I'll send pictures if I see anything interesting.
Have a great weekend everyone.


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