Welcome 2016...I expect great things this year for all of us.

I can't believe that it was Christmas a week ago.  The weather has been so wonky.  I was running in shorts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and now have to put on full battle gear to go outside.  Yesterday was pretty nice for my first snowshoe outing of the season.   I wish I could find somewhere to go out in the evenings to snowshoe but there just isn't enough lighting anywhere.

I have had the last 10 days off work and do you think I could prepare myself for getting back into the swing of things today.  Of course not.  I got to the gym and had no shoes.  I have no idea why both pairs of running shoes would be at home but apparently they are.  I have a pair of flip flops in my gym bag (used them when I had the screws taken out of my foot last July) so I slipped them on and used the elliptical machine.  A lot of people did a double take when walking by but hey - at least I was working out.  I could have just said to heck with it and gone shopping.  I think this bodes well for the coming year as long as I can keep this attitude....and bring in my running shoes.

Can you believe this?  They actually had a run in flip flops.  Not sure where but I would totally wipe out if I tried to run in them.  You will notice that it took place in a cemetery....just in case - hahaha.

The holidays were great.  Lots of time with friends and family.  Thoroughly enjoyed pranking my son.  I got him three times on Christmas day.  The very best was trading in the chocolates for brussel sprouts (have I mentioned how much he hates veggies?).  Steph and I tried all day to get him to have a chocolate and he wouldn't but when I got up on Boxing Day he had sent me a FB message and it was hilarious.  I was sad that I missed seeing his face when he opened the chocolates but it must have been priceless.

I still haven't decided what to put on the new patio doors and the window to give us some privacy but I put the Christmas tree outside in the stand after taking the decorations off of it and I really like it out there.    I might have to pick up some on garbage day and put some more out in the back.  I could make myself a little forest.  Ideas for window coverings are more than welcome.

The most dedicated shoppers of all time - Cindy, Steph and myself - did our annual post-Christmas shopping trip to Point Claire on the 28th.  Yep, the day of the BIG snow.  That's how dedicated we are.  It actually worked out pretty well because there was no traffic most of the way there so I could drive down the middle of the highway as there was no way to see the lines.  It was very sad that I couldn't do my usual 120 km/h so it took us much longer than usual to get there but as it was a Tuesday, the mall was open until 9.  We got some awesome deals and some very sweet swag (including a fabulous pair of shoes for me).

The trip home was a bit trickier because the drivers side wiper wasn't working right so it was hard to see but we made it home safely...at 12:30 a.m.  Longest shopping trip ever for us.  We can't wait for our Spring trip!

I am almost finished the longest working day ever.  Don't you agree that coming back after a holiday we should start out with a half day followed by a 3/4 day and so forth?  We need to ease our way back into real life.

Looking forward to a nice brisk walk or run tonight.  Hope you all have a safe and warm journey home.



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