Today is a perfect day for a crown

I love a good tiara day.

On the bus yesterday morning I sat across from a woman that I just knew I should know.  Don't you just hate that feeling?  Every once in a while we'd look at each other and then look away.  I wonder if I worked with her in a different life?  And then going to the gym at lunch who do I walk past....mystery lady.  One day I'll be brave and say "hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"

Started the day watching the woman across the road sweeping her driveway in her bathrobe.  I have a theory that the guy has two wives.  He doesn't clean his van but waits for the women (there are two of them there) to come out and clean it off and sweep the driveway.  Strange.
Is today pajama day?  I sure hope it is because there was a teenage guy waiting for the bus this morning and he had on his pj's.  If it isn't pj day does that make it I'm a Lazy Ass Day?

Driving to the park and ride this morning and Uptown Funk comes on the radio.  I LOVE THAT SONG.  Turned it up to rattling the windows and seat danced my way down Fallowfield.  I provided a lot of entertainment for other drivers but hey, great song.


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