Actually, today the term would be Whiner-Pleurnicheur or Whiner Wednesdays.  Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Winner-Gagnant but what can you do.
Maybe the whining is because I have had 2 sugar-free days and my body is either thanking me or crying for sugar.  I actually came home yesterday and wanted vegetables.  Should that considered some sort of affliction?  I think veggies should be considered January junk food.

To start the whining I’ll mention that I have the slowest acting cold on record.  It all started before Christmas when I was just feeling icky and achey and then that went away.  Then my lungs hurt for a while and that went away.  Then my sinuses started to hurt and that continues to come and go.  Last night my ears were hurting but sinus meds have helped there.  Then there is the cough that happens mostly on the bus for some reason.  Even though I cough into my scarf I get the stink eye from people.  Why can’t the darn thing just happen and then go away.  Such a tease.
Today I went to physiotherapy because I have to work on my current foot pain before I get more when I have surgery in a few weeks.  I also hurt my back shovelling and shovelling and shovelling last week.  My dilemma was which to work on first.  Seemed that the physiotherapist decided to ignore the whining about my back and work on the foot.  I have to say that after he worked on it, it hurt way more than it did when I arrived for my appointment.  A good thing?  Dunno.  He was quite a meany too (even though he is a very nice man).  He said no running, no biking, no elliptical, try not to do stairs, walk slowly (I don’t think I’m physically capable of walking slowly).  Sounds like when I had my first surgery.  Should I just crawl up and down the stairs at home because that was such fun for a couple of months in 2014?  Good thing we didn’t discuss my fabulous footwear because I would have had to quit him if he said to lower the shoes.  I figure I can go to the gym at lunch and just lie in the sauna for an hour.  Maybe I can work up a sweat.  What is a cardio junky to do?

I got to work and got an email about emergency evacuation procedures and since I’m not supposed to do stairs I’ll just sit in my office and wait patiently for the firefighters to rescue me J.
We can dream right ladies?
I figure that I’ll go to physio for three days this week and if I’m good I will deserve to go snowshoeing this weekend.  Right?  You with me Heather?

I finally remembered to put my new seat warmer in the car this morning (now that its warmer out) and it felt fabulous on my sore back.  I hope that it doesn’t start a fire.   I pondered driving to work so I could enjoy it longer but just couldn’t justify paying the enormous parking rates.  My new mission will be to have cigarette lighters installed on our desks at work and then I can bring it to work and enjoy it.  Think it will fly with the powers that be?
We made it to Wednesday (and almost half way through the day).  Have a great one everyone.



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