My worst nightmare

I get shivers just looking at this picture.

I was having a conversation with a woman at work this morning about what footwear I will be able to wear after my operation next week and she suggested crocks, even ones with a furry lining.  Apparently she doesn't know me at all.  Never, ever, ever, ever.  I would rather wear the cast for two months and one nice shoe than crocks.  Plus, wearing the cast ensures me a seat on the bus.

It is going to be a challenge finding shoes that I can/will be seen wearing in public.  My fallback position is to print out pictures of my lovely shoes and tape them on top of whatever icky shoes I end up having to wear.  You know I will J


Can you imagine this?  Shoe selfies.  Besides the fact that the shoe is pretty ugly, I hope she is wearing clean underwear if she is going to be hiking her foot up like this.  Hahahaha

And to leave you with a  laugh....


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