Does the Circle of Life include the green bin?

I got around to emptying the rain barrel earlier in the week and turned it over on the lawn while raking the leaves.  When I went to pick it up and put it in the backyard there was a dead body laying under it.  The good part is that there was only one dead body this time.  Last time there was a family.  Now the question is, do you put it in the garbage or the green bin.  My feeling is that it is organic (while being totally gross) but minds differ on this weighty issue.

Do you agree that haircut day is the best kind of day?  I think so.

I was showing one of the lawyers I work with my shoes of the day earlier this week and we had to have a discussion of where we shop and the prices we pay.  He guided me to  Says that he gets great deals on shoes and boots there.  I love when a good shoe conversation starts.

No one tried to kill me on Tuesday (the only day I biked this week) but the ride home was fun.  I got as far as the Pretoria Bridge on the way home (all of 10 minutes from work) and had to give a stupid woman the finger.  I was crossing the bridge and she had to cut in front of me so she could be next in the long line at the red light.  As I was going past her I looked over because I was all set to give her another finger but she was deliberately looking out her side window.  That made me laugh.

Sadness along the Canal now though.  They took away my ability to make water.

More sadness that they have put up the skating huts.

Don't you think that these make a great duck diving board?

Then I was on Prince of Wales on the paved shoulder (before Fisher) and a car decided to come onto the shoulder and drive.  It went a good half a kilometer before turning.  So not allowed.

Then, of course, I made it to Fisher and there was another stupid woman who was blocking my lane with her ugly brown van.  As I scooted around her I gave her the finger.  Then I looked back and saw her son who was around 13 in the passenger seat.  I figure its never too early for him to learn that his mother is a stupid driver.  Then I was on McFarlane and it was getting dark and two young guys come towards me on the road skateboarding.  In the dark with no helmets.  I had to tell them they were stupid.  Hmmm, I really should expand my vocabulary.  I'll have to get out the thesaurus.  Then I was going through the forest and can you think of anywhere prettier to bike than this?  I saw a bunny and that made me smile.  There is balance in the world.

This morning I saw this ad in our community newspaper.  Seriously?  Pimped out in the burbs.

We figure that the only pimping must be with the current owners because the place is nothing to write home about.

And the best thing this week....a woman shopped till she dropped last Sunday at Costco.  She was having such a good nap that finally a couple came over and nudged her to make sure she was still alive.  She was.

Have the best weekend everyone.


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