Bathroom humour

I sent around this email this morning to the ladies in the office:


If you are looking for a little romance today can I suggest a trip to the 16th floor washroom.

One (at least) of the lights are out so there is mood lighting to make you all warm and fuzzy (it also helps if you don’t want a bright light on your tired face).  Also, one of the toilettes is working overtime which makes me think of Niagara Falls.  Who couldn’t feel romantic with dim lights and the sound of rushing water?

I have a candle on my desk that smells like suntan lotion if you want to borrow it to feel like you are somewhere tropical while enjoying a romantic moment in the loo.

Apparently now the email is circulating around which warms my humorous heart.  I have just been asked to join a trivia challenge team at the office (for charity).  I said that I have oldtimers and am not good with trivia.  They don't care.  Apparently what they want me to do is distract the other teams with humour so that our team can win.

I have made up what I will make our team wear on Friday.


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