Manure miles.....


Dear Mr. Fallowfield Farmer,

I really must protest but I won't be walking a picket line because that would be cruel and inhumane to me.  It is so hard to ride my bike while gagging.  Yesterday was especially fragrant (and not in a good way) around your farm and I have to say, there are a lot of kilometers to bike get around your farm.  Have your cows been ill per chance?  Could this account for the really awful smell?  Maybe they could use some antibiotics (I'm not against them).

Could you not do something to make your manure smell more pleasant?  Could you possibly use a tad less?  Even the geese have flown the coop (so to speak).  If geese, with their ability to poop up a storm, can't stand the smell then it has to be really, really bad.  Please think about the way you are torturing those of us who bike and have no way to close windows around us and try to ease up on the manure....please.   I have a suggestion:

And speaking of manure....while doing some Google searches to see if there was actually better smelling manure and came across this article:

Three cheers for the Danish.  Hope it works out for them (and us).

And then there was my OMG moment. 

The headline said MANURE TEA.  Tea made out of manure! Who would come up with such a thing?  Is it a recipe for when you are trying to off your spouse?  I think you'd need to add a lot of scotch to this to mask the smell.  Or maybe you'd have to ply them with a lot of scotch first and then get them to drink the tea. 

Apparently though you can make manure tea for your gardens.  The process sounds totally disgusting but in case you actually want to try it, here is the link:

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Don't these pylon-like things look like wine bottles?  Maybe its just me being tired and sometimes thirsty while riding past them but they remind me of wine bottles.

For those of you who are travellers or bikers, I thought you'd appreciate my clothes packing job this morning.  Can't have my clothes get wrinkled on the way to work.  Maybe I should patent my idea!

I hope your Fabulous Friday is the start to a Wonderful Weekend.


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