Back in the zone

The were three people in kayaks this morning.  Wish I could have joined them.
What a gorgeous morning.  Warm (yah for less layers) and while it took a while to get started, the sunrise was very pretty.
I want to give a shout out to those nice morning drivers who obey the law and give me and my bike a little more space (when it is safe to do so) and even though I am on the paved shoulder of the road, it is nice to know you are noticing me and thinking of my safety.

Dear Mrs. Farmer,
While biking through the smelly farm fields this morning I was thinking of you.  I was wondering what kind of air freshener you use in your house that is surrounded by stinky farm fields.  Must be a doozy.  Maybe you don’t even use air freshener.  Maybe you are immune to the smell after all these years.  Would be interesting to know.

Also Mrs. Farmer, would you mind asking your husband to go out to Merivale Road and clean up the horrible mess he left for me to bike through.  I was praying that it wasn’t manure but my bike didn’t seem to smell this morning so maybe it was just from the muddy fields.  Either way, it is a horrible mess and I had to ride in the car lane for a bit to get around it.
Here are some air freshener suggestions for you.

Another shout out this morning to the large group of runners along the Queen Elizabeth Parkway.  Although I don’t understand the herd mentality when it comes to running you all looked like you were having a great run.  There was a large group of walkers out as well.  Good on you all.
This morning I also saw a couple of young women carrying ski poles and running towards Hogs Back and then I saw a young lady on a bike also carrying ski poles.  Ladies, you have a long way to go to get to snow….thank goodness.

I am back in the zone….



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