Shoes, cats, sunrises and firefighters...everything a girl could need.

What a great Thanksgiving weather weekend.  I got out for a run on Monday and actually got some colour.  You could have gone to the beach it was so lovely.  We had lots of fun with family and friends on Monday.  It was great to see friends that we don't get to see much of during the summer.  Everyone is looking so healthy and wonderful.

Its great to be back biking after a week of a cold and being super busy at work.  I missed the glorious sunrises although I don't miss how dark it is when I first leave in the morning.

But what follows is usually pretty spectacular.

And that was just yesterday!  We got some rain Tuesday and when I was walking to the gym I there was a woman in front of me and it looked like the muck splashed up on her legs but as I got closer it was actually nude pantyhose with black polka dots.  Maybe it is just me but it looked kind of odd.

I saw this on the wall in a restaurant down the street.

This was the sunrise this morning.  Spectacular...for a short time and then the clouds rolled in and by the time I got to Ottawa U it was raining.  Apparently we might get a thunderstorm this afternoon.  What a crazy weather day.  The Weather Network said it felt like -2 this morning so I put on 2 tops, my jacket, my gloves, my wind mitts over the gloves, winter run socks, long pants, neck warmer and my high tops.  I was a tad overdressed but better to be warm right?

I have a dilemma with biking right now.  It is very hard to bike while your nose is running and running and running.  I have to keep sniffing and snorting and stopping to blow which is very inconvenient.  I am thinking of getting those orange ear plugs from Home Depot and putting them up my nose...wouldn't that be a fashion statement.

This is so timely don't you think? Hahaha

I was at the gym this morning after my ride in and just as I was finishing getting my work wear on the fire alarm went off.  I have to say that it was great timing for me but one poor woman was still in the shower when it went off.  They make you leave when a fire alarm goes off so everyone was putting on their coats over their gym wear and heading out.  If I was that poor dripping woman I would have refused to leave until my hair was done.  You can't meet a firefighter with wet scraggly hair.  I was a little sad that I missed the firefighters but this will keep me smiling today...hopefully you as well.


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