Wacky Wednesday Tales

I saw a blue heron on the Canal on my way home yesterday.  It was so amazing but by the time I stopped and got my phone out it had flown away.

My chuckle of the day yesteday (well, actually it was a chuckle and a huge smile) was the older gent who was rollerblading but he was doing it like he was figure skating.  He put one knee up for a few seconds and then the other sort of like a really slow march.  Then he bent over and put his arms out and he looked sort of like a figure skater but sillier.

This was me the last time I rollerbladed.  I sometimes wonder why I still  have them.

Dear City,

Since Mr. and Mrs. Farmer aren't listening to me would you please clean up Merivale Road?  It is such a mess and it is hard to bike safely on.  I'm pretty sure it isn't manure....at least totally. I actually sent the City a request to clean the road today.  It may take until October 28th to have it done.  Seriously - a week.  Maybe I'll see the farmer before then and we can chat.

Funny sighting on Sunday.  Look closely.  I almost waved back - LOL

It is very odd to be going up an escalator and looking over and a cart is going up beside you all by itselft.

Three more sleeps until our EPIC CANADIAN SHOPPING ADVENTURE.


  1. Have a great time shopping..... I'll have a fancy drink for you as I sit on the beach and admire the turquoise ocean!


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