When is early too early?

The things we do in the name of beauty (or is it just me?).  I was up at 4:00 today.  Yes, a.m.  Out of the house at 4:50 – also in the a.m.  Had a 15 minute walk to get to the nearest bus that was running.  All to get to the hairdresser’s at 6:00 – yes, that is still in the a.m.  You really have to trust your hairdresser to let her get the scissors going so early in the day.
It was a pretty spooky walk to the bus and -20 with the wind so a chilly, spooky journey.  Didn’t see a sole, a dog, cat or even a squirrel.  I saw one car and one snow plow that was plowing the drive thru at Starbucks – priorities!
It started out as a much better walk than it was yesterday but as soon as I got off our street and onto the sidewalk on the main drag it was blocked with snow and I had to walk on the road. 

What is it with people that they snowblow or plow their laneways and blow the snow onto the sidewalk?  So rude!  I have decided that should this happen again – and hopefully it won’t until next winter – I will be ringing those people’s doorbells at 5:00 a.m. to annoy them because I was certainly annoyed.  I had to call the City to have them come back and re-plow the sidewalk (and goodness knows how long that will take them).  The City guy said it is illegal to put snow on the sidewalks.  Gee, are you going to send the by-law folks out?  Doubt it.  Give me a book of tickets and I’d be more than happy to write them out. What is my annoyance worth these days?  $500 fines!

When I got off the bus I had another kilometer walk to the hairdresser’s house and again, a little spooky.  It was lonely and as some as you know my mind tends to drift when left alone.  I was looking at some of the houses and noticed that they had pretty epic snowdrifts on them.  What a great pictorial of my walk.  What do you think?  No, not about my mind drift….the snow drifts!



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