Ladies, a word of warning....

I was waiting (impatiently) for the kettle to boil at the office (you would think with the way technology has advanced they could make water boil instantaneously!) and I actually read the poster about the office defibrillator.

Ladies, you know how you put on your rattiest old bra because it is the most comfortable and hey, who will see it anyways?  Well, look at this poster.  Should, God forbid, you have a stroke at the office (and oh how many times I’ve thought that was happening), your co-workers are going to rip open your top to attach the defibrillator paddles.

A shirt worth ripping off....mmmm
Guess what ladies?  Your co-workers are going to see your bra.  Your rattiest, silliest, most favourite undergarment.  I'm kind of partial to the fish!

Chances are that co-workers other than the ones who are on the health and safety committee will also see your undergarment because people like to know what’s going on (myself included).  So don’t take any chances.  No matter how much you want to put that comfy old bra on because hey, it is casual Friday – DON’T.  Think of your potential audience.

Seriously?  What is with her outfit.  It looks so uncomfortable.

So, what can you do with your ratty old bras?  Let me come to the rescue with a few ideas.

If you have already come to work in your favourite, soft, ratty old bra I wish you a stress-free day.  At the first sign of chest pains - go home!

Have a happy weekend everyone.


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