Admit've missed me.

Yes, I do own these beauties.
Wednesday...half way to the weekend but so many hours left to go.  Can cross cardio off today's list - I ran for the bus.
So much has happened since my last blog. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and now it is almost Christmas.  Are you ready?  I'm getting there…slowly.

The fam is going to Montreal on Saturday so I am working on my to-do list which will start after our buds Charlie and Eddie finish up their sleepover at our place.  We are looking forward to doing something Christmassy with them before they head home…better put on my creative hat soon. After that I am off for a pedicure compliments of Jaan - as my feet bask in the bubbles I am going to bestow the warmest thoughts on you Jaan.
Maybe I’ll put the Christmas tree up (well, into the tree stand. I love the smell of real trees. Then we can spend the week putting on the lights and decorations.

I have a story.  Grab yourself a coffee/tea, a cookie, a banana or just put your feet up for a few minutes and read along…

My story is about a guy at work.  Let's call him Mr. Lasagna. 

He's a nice guy, we share gym guy stories on occasion. So, yesterday Mr. Lasagna was heating up his lunch while I was making my zillionth cup of tea.  He was regaling me with a description of the amazingness of his lasagna.  It truly did sound amazing - smelled great too.  He finishes up, puts the lid on his container to keep it warm on the way to his desk and out he goes.  Five seconds later he is back and shows me his empty container.  I will admit that for a second I thought he inhaled the lasagna.

He told me to look in the hallway and lo and behold…there in a giant splat was the lasagna on the carpet.  Poor Mr. Lasagna. 
I couldn't help it, I laughed and laughed.  I did locate a spatula so that he could scrape the dearly departed off of the carpet.  That was helpful, right?  Then I laughed all the way to my office.  I guess it would have been nice to offer him the apple I had in my lunch bag but I didn’t think of it at the time.
Later in the day Mr. Lasagna and I happened to be in the galley at the same time as he was making oatmeal.  It is a staple in our office. Maybe along-side the coffee and tea they offer, they should offer packages of oatmeal. I'll put that in the suggestion box.  Do we have a suggestion box? I suppose I could suggest we get a suggestion box but where would I put the suggestion box suggestion without a suggestion box?

Back to my encounter with Mr. Lasagna. I made a remark about him replacing his amazing lasagna with oatmeal and he says "maybe you should blog about it!!"  I think it was too soon after the lasagna incident and his feelings were still a little raw. 
I realized that it has been far too long since my last blog so here we are.  Thanks Mr. Lasagna!!
Please send your good thoughts to Mr. Lasagna today and with luck he will have an incident free lunch today.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.


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