A Blast from the Past

I realized when I got home yesterday that I had forgotten my MP3 at work so I had to do some digging and came up with my old Phillips MP3.  Then I realized that I didn’t have any headphones (must watch for a sale and stock up).  Managed to find a set and they are oh so blingy.  I’m pretty sure that every time I went through an intersection and headlights flashed on them, my ears sparkled.  I’m also sure that the drivers of those cars were having a “What the heck?!?” moment.
Now, I really could use these but then again who wouldn’t want a tiara?  Certainly not me.

So, armed with an MP3 and headphones off I go into the wild blue (dark) yonder.  What was the playlist on this old MP3 you are wondering…come on, I know you are?  Very eclectic.  Anyone who needs some time down memory lane and who wants me to share this playlist, just let me know.
The Trews
Van Morrison
Sam Roberts
Soundtrack to Hairspray
Bon Jovi
The Stones
Kid Rock
…and a whole lot more
This is a huge change from what I listen to these days.

I enjoyed capturing some of the first signs of Halloween in the hood and props to the folks who have been busy setting up their homes.

I enjoy evening runs at this time of year because there are so many wonderful (mostly) smells – dryer sheets, leaves, wood fireplace, dinner and dog poo.

Want to join me?


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