Gym tales

It was late when I got to the gym today but I did manage to hear and see a couple of interesting tidbits.
Two women were showering (there are separate compartments for showering) and I overheard the following conversation:
Showerer 1:-  ….it is like I shower in the morning…just have to soap….

Showerer 2: - ….I never have to shave….
I can understand the first showerer but the second got me wondering.  Did you have a full body wax which seems just a tad painful to me.  Maybe you never shave which is ok but I wonder how long the hair on your legs is.  Really, I’m curious.  When you shave your legs the hair regrows.  If you don’t shave does it just stay the same length?  Question of the day.

Showerer 1 or 2 (couldn’t tell them apart) -   I love your 70’s towel. 
I had to check it out and was very disappointed.  She never saw the 70’s so I don’t think she understands just how wild I expected the towel to be.  Such a disappointment.

One of the showerers was leaving and her bag said “Its like he’s not even a goddamn postmodernizer”.  What?!!?!?!?!

Sigh….its awful being from a different century.


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