Aren’t these the most beautiful shoes?  It is their first outing today.  I purchased these beauties last summer while strolling through a store in my wheelchair.  The guy at the cash made me laugh when he asked if I tried them on to ensure they fit.  I told him that I tried one on and was hopeful that someday the other one would fit….oh the look on his face was priceless.

I noticed the other day that we have a security guard in our building that looks just like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.  His beard is a little shorter but it could be his twin.  Makes me smile whenever I see him.

I bought new headphones last night so I can listen to Ted Talks on the bus (have you ever tried them?  A huge assortment of topics and very informative).  The following is on the back of the box:  “Dear Sir or Madam, Authorities prevented timely arrival of the enclosed material, but the almost illegal sound you requested is here.  These headphones aren’t just the cat’s pajamas, they’re the honey badger’s pajamas."  My son found this very funny….I guess I’m too old to understand J.

So we have another “snow statement” from Environment Canada….remember when it was just snow?

Have a great day everyone.


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