TGIF Everyone.

What a busy day its been.  Haircut at 6:30 this morning followed by physio and then a race to work.  Well, couldn't really race with the traffic.  You'd think we'd never had snow before with the amount of accidents out there but thankfully, I wasn't in one of them.

I have to thank Stephanie for today's picture.  She was at an appointment in Vanier this morning and caught this on film:

Apparently this woman who is wearing a black boot and a green boot to match her stylish coat, has yellow hair and pink eyebrows.  Can you say "What Not to Wear?".

We are having Eddie over for a sleepover tomorrow and his little brother Charlie will be coming over for a little while too.  We are excited but remind me tomorrow morning when he wakes me up in the dark that this is fun.


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