End of the Week Laughs

I hope everyone had a decent week but here it is end of day Friday and I don't know about you but I am ready to check out.  It is our work party tonight but my eyes are just not ready for a party.  I have regaled my co-workers with some of the back-in-the-day party stories.  Certainly an eye opener for some of them.  I did hear that the party two years ago had some fun things going on but we don't have names (damn!).

I doubt that tonight's party will be as "interesting" as the old ones mostly because all of the really fun people have left.

I will go home, put some drops in and rest my weary eyes.  Eye doc says that they aren't doing what they were told to do (yet).  Far/near, near/far...is it that my eyes are confused or my brain?  Who knows.

And last but certainly not least...

One of the wives who belongs to the "Guy with two wives" neighbour out sweeping their laneway this morning....in her crocks.  She also cleaned off the car.  What a good woman.  Would never catch me doing that.


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