Strange finding of the day. Don't ask how I came across this one!

Fences and Detention of Stray Livestock Act

Detention and sale of stray livestock

            9 (1) Whenever any livestock strays onto the lands of a person and the ownership of the livestock is unknown, such person may detain the livestock.

            (2) If not claimed by the owner within forty-eight hours, a person detaining stray livestock shall forthwith transmit to the municipal clerk an adequate description of the livestock that will enable the owner to recognize it together with an indication of the time and place of finding and the place where the livestock is detained.

            (3) A municipal clerk who receives the information referred to in subsection (2) shall file a notice with a description of the livestock and post a copy thereof in his office and shall place the notice and description in two advertisements at least seven days apart from each other in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality in which the livestock is detained.

            (4) The last advertisement referred to in subsection (3) shall state that unless the livestock is previously claimed it shall be sold at a sale to be held after the expiration of a further seven days at the time and place indicated in the advertisement. R.S., c. 166, s. 9.

Meanwhile… you bring the cow, pig, chicken, giraffe, etc. into your home to keep it from wandering farther?  Seems to me that the detention period is quite long before you can get rid of said livestock.

Should I go to Petsmart to pick up different forms of feed just in case?  What the heck would a giraffe eat?  If I get to choose I want a giraffe.  We do have a tall ceiling in the living room.




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