You can never get back your lost Toys R Us time

One of the dilemmas of the holiday season is what toys to choose for a child.  Whether you need to buy something for a child you don’t see very often or are choosing a gift for a child from one of the many Angel Tree’s around the city, it can be very hard to know what kids are into at any given age.  What do 5 year old girls play with?  What is the current trend for 10 year old boys?  Added to the regular stress of choosing gifts for family and friends, this can send you over the edge.

I spent an hour in Toys R Us on Saturday going through this.  I needed toys for a 2 year old boy, 5 year old girl and a 7 year old boy.  If money was no object, shopping wouldn’t be a problem but when you are trying to be cost-efficient (my 2017 term for cheap), you can lose an entire day in Toys R Us.  You pick something up, put it in your cart and then you find something else that would be better/cheaper/more fun.  This can happen many times (I know)!  When you have finally gone up and down each aisle twice (because you have to look at everything on each side of each aisle and decide that you are done, no more changing your mind, your wallet is going to explode if you add one more thing, no, your adult children DON’T need that cute/fun/inventive toy! You realize that hours have gone by and crap – you haven’t started the Christmas baking yet.
I am here to save you from all that stress.  I know, what a hero/angel/blessing/fantastic human being I am. 

Here is your simple, easy to use, chart on how to buy for a girl or a boy (thanks Andrea).

I hope you all have a wonderful, stress-free (as much as possible), safe, fun, amazing, Best-Christmas-Ever.


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