Happy Long Weekend

In less than 24 hours we'll be on our way to Toronto so I thought I should put a few of the New York pictures out there.  It would be fun to go back to NYC and see more of the City and boroughs...maybe some day.

Nothing like a trip to the Rump Building.

You can't really read this but it says:  Due to Sanitary Reasons Positively no Grooming.  Bathing or washing clothes is not permitted in restrooms at any time.  Really!  People had to have washed their clothes in the washroom at the Staten Island Ferry building at one time in order for them to need to post this.  Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

No, I did not buy these.  Now if they had heels....

Someone's daughters in their undies and body paint.  I suppose their parents should be grateful they put underwear on.

Now these guys!  Sheesh.  You are someone's significant other (or maybe not), parent or possibly grandparent and this is what you do on a Saturday night?  You are offensive on so many levels.

A busy weekend is ahead.  How is it that the more days you have in a weekend the more you try to fit in?  Are we programmed to exhaust ourselves just because it is a long weekend?  Maybe it is just me. Oh, I can hear you all out there...yes, of course it is just me - lol.

I've finally figured out the secret of how the plants are kept up in the giant teapot on Slater Street.

Whatever you do (or don't do), have a wonderful long weekend.


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