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Yes, this is a couch in the Rideau Canal!!!

What is with kids today?  Did your parents not teach you to respect others, respect the environment, respect other people’s property?  Have you never heard your parents complain about their tax bill?  I know that I can be proud of the fact that we taught our children to respect other people’s property and the environment.  I sent this picture to Carleton University in hopes that they will have cameras that could track who took a couch out of one of their buildings and threw it in the Rideau Canal.  I also hope that someone at the University cares enough to actually do something about it because now our tax dollars are going to be spent for someone to retrieve it.  There is a whole ecosystem that is damaged because of this immature stupidity.
Now, onto the weekend.  Was up and at Bayshore early on Saturday to be a personal shopper.  Yes, I am available to assist you in your time of shoes/clothing need.  I helped Carolyn purchase shoes for a Thanksgiving wedding she is attending.  Although she can’t wear high heels I am very proud of her for picking a very stylish pair of black low heeled shoes.  You are going to look awesome Carolyn!
After that, since it was a dreary, wet day, a lot was ticked off of my to do list.  The gardens are cleaned and filled with ginormous mums, Kate’s bridal shower keepsake book is done and has been delivered (it is such a great feeling to have my dining room table back), fun jeans for our Terry Fox denim day on Wed were found – Jonathan just doesn’t get it.  You will have to wait patiently to find out what era I am going to be wearing but I will say that the pants I found are quite fun. 
Yesterday was the Terry Fox run.  The weather turned out very nice for us.  I was very surprised to have finished 7 km and I can still walk today J.  There were a lot of kids enjoying their bikes and some even running.  Other folks biked, rollerbladed and ran.  We saw a lot of mascots before the event.  Big Joe has the strangest hair don’t you think?  Sort of like ringlets.  Not sure if a big, strong lumberjack would actually go out in public with ringlet hair.  The Carleton Raven is quite scary but maybe that is its whole purpose – to scare the other teams.

Am I right?  Isn't the raven scary???

It was fabulous to see a man that I worked with in a previous life.  He is doing great and working in Toronto – heck of a commute – but he does it weekly so his son can finish high school here.
I changed up my usual routine this weekend since Steph and Arun were coming for dinner yesterday.  Saturday night was ironing night.  Cuz yah, I rock Saturday night!  Even though I ended up with free time on Sunday night I did manage to forget the belt to my skirt and a sweater today but as we all know, that’s nothing compared to previous forgetfulness – lol.

I hope you all have a great week.  Three weeks until Thanksgiving!  Where does the time go?


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