Mother-in-law to be bus tales

As you are all aware school is back, vacations are over and the buses are so packed.  I had to stand this morning  but finally at Lincoln Fields a woman was getting up off her seat.  What does she do?  She tapped a woman beside me and let her have the seat she was vacating.  Hey, don’t you know that I am a senior with a sore back?  Apparently not.  Then at Tunny’s a woman got off and a man took her seat.  Hello…..senior with a sore back (with a  backpack containing two heavy bottles of wine) still standing over here!!  Finally I got a seat and two stops later I had to get off.  So unfair.

Yes, I will be throwing out my senior-itis when it suits my needs but beware any who actually call me that because a cranky old lady is not a sight you want to see – lol.


Don’t forget to support the Terry Fox Run on September 18, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone.


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