The things you learn at 5:30 a.m.

There really were a lot of stars sharing the sky with the moon but they chose not to be photographed.

I managed to get out for a run bright (not) and early this morning using my cool shoe lights.  At 5:30 birds are not awake, the car wash is open and people walking their dogs in Barrhaven are grumpy.

I realized this morning that I have 24 Instagram followers.  Exciting stuff.  I only need 4,469,303 to beat Kim Kardashian and 1,199,997 to beat Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Tell your friends and family to follow me at @lettsandra J

Word of the Day:  Agglomeration:  1.  the action or process of collecting in a mass; 2. a heap or cluster of usually disparate elements <urban agglomerations knit together by the new railways — Times Literary Supplement>

Today was our denim day for the Terry Fox Campaign.  I went out last weekend to find the most interesting pants possible.  Little did I know that people would actually like them.  Jonathan said that they look like a couch.  I have to admit that they were super comfy but they are not my typical style.  The only way I would wear these is to raise money for charity or to go to a 70’s disco party.  I got an offer for a donation to our Terry Fox campaign if I sold the pants so off they went.  Good thing I wore regular jeans into work today or it might be a little frightening to be at work with no pants.  Apparently I will go a long way in the name of charity. 


I’ll be helping out with the United Way campaign and will have to come up with something to top the pants.  Happy to take suggestions.


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